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Question About Purchasing

Do I need to buy property that is listed?

Absolutely not. We here at HCRE specialize in off-market, unlisted acquisitions. We are happy to help you locate any opportunity you wish to find.

Do I need to sign an Exclusive Buyer's Agreement?

Not necessarily. We operate on a strong basis of trust with our clients. In some instances, per state law, we will require paperwork in order to proceed. However, we look to help our clients sell or find their next commercial real estate investment.

Is "Residential" the same as "Apartments"?

Not necessarily! Apartments, otherwise known as multifamily, is an asset class that is many time confused with the rental of single family homes. Terminology aside, we can help you communicate your needs.

Question About Selling

Is selling my investment property the same as selling my house?

No. Selling an investment property is based on understanding the cash flows and operating element that substantiates the property.